Mar. 12th, 2015 02:49 pm
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I found you a housegawp. It's a good 'un. Starts slow, but builds to a crescendo.

Key questions: Why is there a clock in the middle of that internal window made out of an old cart wheel?
Are you *sure* the bathroom carpet never gets soggy? Really sure?
Aren't sunken baths usually bigger than standard size?
Have the garden chairs and garden table had a falling-out?
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Message to [ profile] piemancer

yes, you do need to un-ban everyone!

I tried to send this as a reply to your message, but your settings must not allow replies from banned users!
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Right, here we are again.

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Standing on one leg so you can better see my socks.

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Must always remember to take photos before afternoon. Afternoon sun makes a photo in either bedroom mirror damn nigh impossible.

Cardigan: John Smedley outlet store, seriously a VERY GOOD place to buy knitwear. You have to sign up with email address, but you can buy really amazing knits in merino wool or fine cotton for £39 a pop.
Skirt: La Redoute. It's teal and it's tulle.
tights: Trasparenze
slipper boots: some discount store, probably Original Factory Shop

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Stay fuckin' tuned.
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I put in most of the things, and added or modified others.

Have, use weekly: griddle pan, stick blender, pestle and mortar, moka pot, aeropress, baking tins, colander, sieve, wooden toaster tongs (those things are the BEST)

Have, use monthly or thereabouts: kebab skewers, pizza stone, coffee grinder, milk frother, martini glasses, slow cooker, pastry brush, meat thermometer, mini food processer attachment on blender, ice cream maker, cafetiere, drip coffee maker, cookie cutters, mandoline (I fell out a bit with my mandoline), gratin dishes

Have, don't use often: jam funnel, cheese board and knives, juicer (probably going to get rid of it: it's stupid and a bitch to clean), deep fat fryer, bamboo steamer, tea strainer

had, but not any more: gravy separator (I broke it)

don't have, want: stand mixer, pressure cooker, fondue set, tempura set, garlic press, conical chinoise strainer, maybe a pie funnel?

don't have, don't want: banana stand, crepe maker, electric wok, espresso maker, fancy-ass bain marie, most of that other shit.

Still here

Feb. 1st, 2012 06:45 pm
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Still here, innit.
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Remember that time when I got called a "genius" by Finnish footballer Mikael Forssell?


It was just about five minutes ago.

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Hey, I didn't even log in here for months.

So, let's be trying this thing again.
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What is this cock and balls "comments to Facebook or Twitter" thing?
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Memo to lead engineer: Jackdaw Nest Project (#16 Chimney Pot Site)
Re: discrepancies in materials budget and slippage on project waypoints

The reason why you have a shortfall in the materials budget is not due to any shortcomings in the material take-off. Your budget shortfall has come about because all your twigs are falling down the chimney which is situated to the underneath of your nest construction site. This is also the reason why your team have not delivered satisfactory progress reports over the last week.

Recommendation: halt work on project and find new site.
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Finns, snow, and OMGPONIES. In the first instance, the Finnish Eurovision entry by Kuunkuiskaajat, otherwise known as Johanna and Susan from Värttinä. In the second instance, the delightfully humorous trailer for Finnish Formula One coverage on MTV3Max, featuring the fictionalised winter training of "the world's fastest Heikki".
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For some reason it's perfectly acceptable to tweet too much during a rally.
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Best microhouse visual gag of the year so far!
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The best writers on film are: Mark Kermode, Kim Newman, and Snarky's Machine

I need to watch MORE FILMS.
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Hair needs a cut. It's looking a little weighed down and blah. I think I need to get a half decent conditioner again. The discount super value lines aren't working for me at the moment. Shiny hair isn't a big deal. Wanting shiny hair is... I don't know. Maybe it's something that it's OK to want. I'm losing touch with my permissions again.

I have more grey hairs these days. Odd how that works. A couple of early colonists arrived when I was 26, and for a few years that's how it was: a constant population of two or three gray hairs. Now it seems that was a mistake on the part of grey hair HQ. They'd forgotten all about those early pioneers, but after an exchange of telegrams and a little embarrassment, new settlers have arrived and booted the indigenous population right out of their own follicles.
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Cat: I want what you're having.
Me: You can't have any.
Cat: I want some I want some I want some give me some.
Me: You can't have any.
Cat: Oh I want some give me some it smells real good.
Me: You can't have any.
Cat: I'll just sit here and watch each forkful and then you can change your mind and give me some.
Me: OK, well I've finished now, I'll put the plate on the floor and you can lick up the smidgens.
Cat: *SNIFFS PLATE* Urgh, don't want any. *FUCKS OFF*
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The paid account fairy visited me, too!

I am going to add a bunch more userpics (I can finally, if I so wish, set up a whole lot of userpics, a mood theme if you will, based around my favourite rally driver... I already have "about to cry", "giggling" and "celebrating" and I have pics that will do for "listening intently", "trying to be good", "confused" and "mild despair".)

I am going to post polls!

I am going to post a whole lot more!

And I am NOT going to angst dreadfully about what a terrible person I must be for it to take someone else putting her hand in her pocket for me to use this damn thing, surely I should have done it already by myself.
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OK, so one of the small towns in these parts has Christmas Eve fireworks, with a procession and some carol singing preceding the gunpowder and metal salt based bangtertainment. Sounds like a jolly little evening diversion between wrapping up the last presents and settling in for ham and mince pies. The fireworks are done by my mother-in-law's* friend's son, who has a proper pyrotechnics firm that go round Proper Actual Places and do Proper Actual big firework displays, so it's worth seeing. Year before last the police made them put the fireworks on 15 minutes early, so we saw them at a distance, from the bypass (well done idiot police). So, this time we turned up early just in case. A ha ha ha ha. Ha ha.

We hung about. It was not like it is in Europe. Bugger Europe, it was not like it is in the next town over. There was no mulled wine stand, there were no mince pies. The parade started from the bottom of the hill. The parade was (I think) supposed to be a "lantern procession" up the hill from the square to the castle, but in fact went down like this: Car with flashing light; old Bentley bearing beardy chap in Santa suit and burning its clutch out; small silver band; a mass of the general public about 10% of whom had glowsticks; small drumming crew. Well done everybody.

A man wearing a hi-vis vest appeared on a stage and began speaking into a microphone while the drumming crew were still finishing up their vaguely samba-themed thing. The man became audible. He had a patter similar to one of those fellows who sells cut price tea towels at a market (NOT ten pounds not EIGHT pounds girls not even FIVE pounds step up here love these are quality towels I'm not doing these for three pounds TWO POUNDS for this bundle of towels and I'll throw in a dishcloth as well love). Mother-in-law whispers to me "that's the vicar". Jesus Christ, that's church these days is it? He can't be shifting many towels.
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*not technically "in law" but I like the term "mother-in-law"
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Remember this entry of mine from July last year? stupidly excited by the vaguest prospect of Kimi Räikkönen going rallying?

Well there's been rumour and such, and when the seemingly nailed-on Kimi to McLaren deal turned out to be more postit-noted-on, it looked a hell of a lot more likely. The rumour of Kimi to Citroën, paid for by Red Bull (sponsor of Citroën in the WRC and sponsor of Kimi in, um, life in general I suppose) was out in the wild very very early.

This week there have been the sort of denials that mean "yeah it's true, I just can't announce it *yet*" from both Citroën and from Kimi's Finnish spokesbeing, and this morning, finally, IT'S OFFICIAL, IT IS ON.

I will probably have a rethink of where I put motorsport shit from now on - LJ might end up being your rally-free and F1-free zone and it might go on Facebook instead. This is because I have added more rally people on FB. As a courtesy to those of you who don't give a shit (that'll be 98% of you) you get one place where you'll be free of it, without having to take me off your default view or block me or whatever.


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