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Some of you ladies and gentlehobbits like Torchwood, innit?

John Barrowman, star of said show (and many other prime-time tv entertainment things) is a rally fan, and got to have a go in a group N Subaru Impreza on the Sweet Lamb complex in mid Wales courtesy of Fifth Gear and Prodrive. He and Tiff Needell had a lot of fun; he was actually pretty good in the car but then went on to show what happens when confidence level > skill level*.

You might well have already seen this on Monday's Fifth Gear. If, like me, you didn't, then here am some youtube videos.

*these sorts of things can also happen when concentration level < required concentration level (hem hem hem. wonder who I might be referring to.)
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Right, who remembers reruns of the Monkees TV show being on TV in Britain at some time in the late 1970s / early 1980s?

I am NOT, that is ***NOT*** talking about the big ol' Monkees rerun that MTV did in 1986. I'm talking late 1970s / early 1980s. I remember the Monkees being on TV, and I would have been very young, like 4 years old, maybe 5 or 6 years old, most emphatically not 11 years old (besides, you could only get MTV on satellite TV, and nobody I knew had satellite until 87, and they were like WELL EARLY ADOPTERS INNIT.)

I've attempted to, y'know, Look This Up On The Internet, but the results have been a blanket of fail. So. Anyone remember when it was on?

I'm asking this because in our house we are having a Monkees retrospective (and I have to say it's bloomin' brilliant). It's brought back memories of seeing the show on TV when I was a very small child. I'm very familiar with the opening credits and a few of the shows themselves have seemed a little bit familiar. I would have been too young to really "get" the show the first time, but I do remember general impressions of japes, scooters, dressing up, that kind of Monkee malarkey.

Incidentally, my favourite Monkee is Michael Nesmith.
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Watched some old Jonathan Creek on telly last night. Really enjoyed it, was surprised by how much. I think the way to see it is as like a cartoon, like a comic book.

In the confused.com TV ad, the screenshot of their website has a typo. "If you know your car's regsitration ...". Well done everyone.

Very pleased for Sebastian Vettel. Stunning driver, seems like a top lad - has the ability to be professional in the interviews while at the same time coming across as relaxed and genuine. He really is the next big, big thing, and Red Bull are going to have a job on their hands to keep hold of him.

It was good to see Heikki finishing a race - a good steady 5th place there, helped by the fact he's not as tough on the tyres as his team mate.

Leicester got promotion sorted yesterday, at last. I think we should be up in the top ten and hopefully in the playoffs next year, but if we try to go up to the Premier League too soon, we will just be buggered to bits.

I have an annoying chesty cough, but I only feel slightly run down. I'll be off for a gentle walk in the sunshine soon. Weather's beautiful up here.
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Forthcoming weekends' sporting entertainment:
This weekend : Scottish Open golf (10-13) and the first Test (10-14)
Next weekend : The Open golf (17-20) and the second Test (18-22) and the German Grand Prix
Weekend after that : Twenty20 finals day
Weekend after that : Rally of Finland (31 Jul - 3 Aug) and the third Test (30 Jul - 3 Aug) and the Hungarian Grand Prix.

The Open and a test match and F1 is too much sport for the one weekend, I think. We shall have to... watch the cricket on the telly, watch the golf online if there is live streaming coverage, and just follow the F1 via the online live timing. Or, watch the golf, follow the cricket on Cricinfo and follow the grand prix via the live timing.

These are the silly little things that bother one when one can't face up to the true horror that is The World Today.

I recommend "The Fantastic Expedition Of Dillard And Clark" for your listening pleasure.
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I have been watching, for a laugh, some episodes of Old Top Gear, from back in the early 1990s. And oh my, what a laugh.

Things that have struck me, some funny, others, that overused word "poignant":
1. The journalistic values! The reports on "issues" are like old Watchdog. Here's something to be REALLY CONCERNED ABOUT and we met the relevant authority spokesperson in a back alley behind a jobcentre (no, really).
2. The journalistic values! The reviews include a whole bunch of stuff which seems to be read out straight from the manufacturers marketing material.
3. The clothes. 1980s man jumpers. Tony Mason's funny little hat. Jeremy Clarkson in a long duster style coat.
4. quite lengthy rally coverage - I had forgotten that this used to be on Top Gear, I remember watching it on the BBC but not that it was part of the actual Top Gear programme.
4a. Young promising rally drivers who since became world champion and then died tragically young. I nearly wept to see a 20 year old Richard Burns (1971-2005). Death stalks us everyfuckingwhere.
5. Occasional and sometimes inappropriate Day Today style excessively fancy cuts.
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All sport all on at the same time, makes it difficult even with Sky+.

A run through of the day so far:
Hungover. Cup of tea. Breakfast (sausage, bacon, egg, mushroom, tomato, toast). More tea. Hang washing out. Cricket (By heck Vettori is very good at the moment. And if you just stand there and waft your bat you will get out. Buggering hell.) Short walk in the teeth of a gale. Monaco Grand Prix (very exciting, bad luck for poor Heikki on the grid especially given how ridiculously fast he was in the later stages, Adrian Sutil must be inconsolable, well done Lewis). Follow cricket via online text commentary. Nice work from Monty Panesar. BMW PGA golf at Wentworth. Short nap. Wake up to see Miguel Angel Jimenez win the tournament on a playoff. And now another short walk before dinner I think.
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There is only one Brian Blessed.
(if you aren't watching HIGNFY, do catch the repeat)
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Potential Blake's Seven remake on Sky One.
Could be very good. Or rubbish. Hoping for the former, obviously.
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It looks like the end to Tennant might be in sight - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/6976178.stm



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