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I nicked this from Cute Overload, so some of y'all will have seen it already.
Kittens on a slide, treadmill style.

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aha ha ha ha ha ha.
Oh my.
That photo of Gordon Brown and David Miliband. (see small version here)

Echoing beautifully that moment in the Stadio dell'Alpi in 1990.

aha ha ha ha ha ha, oh dear.
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There is only one Brian Blessed.
(if you aren't watching HIGNFY, do catch the repeat)
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I am: cracking up over Danny Kelly's comment that managers are leaving my club as if from one of those Russian Katyusha rocket launchers. Indeed.

...amused and rejoicing that we have managed to palm off Megson onto Bolton. Hee!

... hoping against hope we can get Iain Dowie this time.
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Stolen from Cute Overload, this piece of genius: The Laugh-Out-Loud Cats, also at http://apelad.blogspot.com/
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The Simpsons appear in this month's Harper's Bazaar, accompanied by a Simpsonised cartoon Linda Evangelista and various top designers. The Simpsons are "wearing" items from these designers' current collections (looky here). Jean-Paul Gaultier carrying Maggie in a Herm├Ęs Birkin bag. How cool is that?

Fowler to LCFC? That's the kind of crazy I like.
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I know my audience, and I know there's NOTHING you like more than the pointless, unfunny, context-free in-jokes from someone else's weekend.

Quote Number One
"What are you doing? What are you DOING? What ARE you DOING?
Oh, you're ski-jumping. Right!
Do your Telemark. Do your Telemark! Yay! Good lad"

Quote Number Two
"Look, you can have words or you can have spoon. Not both".


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