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When life imitates Croatia national team player/manager slash. Slaven Bilic in bed with Vedran Corluka and Luka Modric. Well, probably "on bed", but it would seem he did actually say "in bed".

Only with Slaven Bilic. This further cements my opinion that the man is a LEGEND.
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A lot of my, let's say, regrettable prose, features sofas. They are the scene of the action, or they are there in the room to be paced around, or a character will smack his hand onto the back of the sofa for emphasis. They are like those bloody oranges in the kitchen in Verbotene Liebe.
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Oh lawks-a-lawdy, the German gay daytime soap boys.

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Warning to some of my friendslist who may not be au courant with either a) all my interests or b) the weirder things people do these days: the content under the cut pertains to slash, which is where one makes pretend that two characters (classically, two male characters) are romantically entwined or indeed At It Like Knives. Not only that, but this relates to a rps (real person slash) situation where we speculate and make pretend that two real people are romantically entwined or indeed At It Like Knives. The real people who we shall be discussing are one Lewis Hamilton and one Heikki Kovalainen. Note to those of my friendslist who may not be au courant with all my interests: these gentlemen are Formula One racing drivers.

Anyway, so I just happened to catch an interview with Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen on the motorsports programme on Sky Sports 2. contains real person slash ) yeah, yeah, how sad am I, etc.
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Paul Casey hole in one!

(Garcia/Donald OTP, also)

I guess y'all don't give a monkey's nut about golf, but sod it, this is my LJ.


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