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Finns, snow, and OMGPONIES. In the first instance, the Finnish Eurovision entry by Kuunkuiskaajat, otherwise known as Johanna and Susan from Värttinä. In the second instance, the delightfully humorous trailer for Finnish Formula One coverage on MTV3Max, featuring the fictionalised winter training of "the world's fastest Heikki".
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Remember this entry of mine from July last year? stupidly excited by the vaguest prospect of Kimi Räikkönen going rallying?

Well there's been rumour and such, and when the seemingly nailed-on Kimi to McLaren deal turned out to be more postit-noted-on, it looked a hell of a lot more likely. The rumour of Kimi to Citroën, paid for by Red Bull (sponsor of Citroën in the WRC and sponsor of Kimi in, um, life in general I suppose) was out in the wild very very early.

This week there have been the sort of denials that mean "yeah it's true, I just can't announce it *yet*" from both Citroën and from Kimi's Finnish spokesbeing, and this morning, finally, IT'S OFFICIAL, IT IS ON.

I will probably have a rethink of where I put motorsport shit from now on - LJ might end up being your rally-free and F1-free zone and it might go on Facebook instead. This is because I have added more rally people on FB. As a courtesy to those of you who don't give a shit (that'll be 98% of you) you get one place where you'll be free of it, without having to take me off your default view or block me or whatever.
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OK, seems I may have spoke too soon about the F1 driver market. Räikkönen to McLaren is not the done deal that I had thought. On Sunday, team boss Martin Whitmarsh gave an interview that backed away from the rumours that he'd almost confirmed the previous week.

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Well, now that the worst kept secret in F1 is finally official and Fernando Alonso is confirmed at Ferrari for the next 3 years at least, the rest of the driver moves can start to slot into place.

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I think it is worth underlining just how excited I am about Kimi Räikkönen's participation in this weekend's Rally Finland. Through the trees and over the jumps, with one of the world's best codrivers (Kaj Lindstrom) shouting at him the whole way through. Kaj is very impressed with Kimi's skills, and thinks they could do quite well. I think we'll have to wait and see how he does with the jumps and blind crests. There are a hell of a lot of them, and the drivers have to get them all right - get the line and speed spot on and be on the gas at the exact right moment or they'll end up in the ditch, up a tree, or with broken suspension.

Here is a photo of his Kiminess with Dave TV presenter (and general good egg) Neil Cole, post interview this morning. Interview will be on the WRC programme on Dave at 6 this Sunday.

Kimi is well up for it and I think it's looking more and more like he will come right over to the rally side. I bet Heikki is sulking awfully about the fact that Kimi is allowed to go rallying and he isn't.

In other Rally Finland news, Jari-Matti Latvala has promised to try very hard to be good. Or, on second reading, has said that he thinks he may be capable of being good. Which isn't the same thing. Quite sweet that he was surprised to be allowed to keep his job. I wonder, would someone less sweet-natured and adorable have gotten the boot? Seriously, it may have been a factor (I doubt the claims that he pays to drive. I do think that not wanting to lose him to another team was a factor in Papa Wilson's decision to keep him on for next year, though).

I shall be following the rally and the Edgbaston test throughout the weekend, with one browser window for wrc.com and one for cricinfo.com. Shame Birmingham is underwater today, so no play possible (thus far, but I bloody doubt the pitch will dry out by five-ish or whenever). It'll probably be a draw, but who knows.

EDITED TO ADD LINK TO SHORT Q&A ON wrc.com and also to say, well, play is going to start at Edgbaston at five after all. We have to try to take advantage of any chink in the Australian armour, and we must absolutely not be tempted into any kind of overconfidence. It'll still be a bloody draw, though.
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It's been rumoured for a while that Heikki Kovalainen won't be staying at McLaren next year. Mercedes-Benz Motorsport boss Norbert Haug has made it more and more apparent that he would prefer to see Nico Rosberg in the seat. The team have started to wonder whether Kovalainen would ever live up to his initial high promise.

As y'all know I'm a big fan of Heikki, and I would cite firstly his terrible bad luck* over the last two seasons, and secondly the fact that neither last year's "good" MP4-23 nor this year's "heap of shit" MP4-24 have suited his driving style as much as they could have.

Sources (heh) say that Rosberg is pretty much a cert for the second McLaren seat. I'm also reading now (from GPWeek editor Will Buxton on Twitter) that Heikki will be at Williams next year.

Heikki was fastest in the first of this morning's free practice sessions before the Hungarian Grand Prix, and second fastest behind (current...) team-mate Lewis Hamilton in the second session. Probably too little too late. Let's see what happens in the race tomorrow. It's nice to see that the new aerodynamic updates really have made a difference to the car (like, now it actually has any grip at all).

Ah well. Heigh ho. Maintain a sunny disposition.

Dunno if Williams is the right place for him though.

*I posit that there is only so much driving luck to go around in Finland, and far too many drivers to share it out between. It is very important that both Mikko Hirvonen and Jari-Matti Latvala get a rich, nourishing, sustaining helping of good luck for Neste Oil Rally Finland next week.
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Watched some old Jonathan Creek on telly last night. Really enjoyed it, was surprised by how much. I think the way to see it is as like a cartoon, like a comic book.

In the confused.com TV ad, the screenshot of their website has a typo. "If you know your car's regsitration ...". Well done everyone.

Very pleased for Sebastian Vettel. Stunning driver, seems like a top lad - has the ability to be professional in the interviews while at the same time coming across as relaxed and genuine. He really is the next big, big thing, and Red Bull are going to have a job on their hands to keep hold of him.

It was good to see Heikki finishing a race - a good steady 5th place there, helped by the fact he's not as tough on the tyres as his team mate.

Leicester got promotion sorted yesterday, at last. I think we should be up in the top ten and hopefully in the playoffs next year, but if we try to go up to the Premier League too soon, we will just be buggered to bits.

I have an annoying chesty cough, but I only feel slightly run down. I'll be off for a gentle walk in the sunshine soon. Weather's beautiful up here.
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I'll admit I didn't rate James Allen as a commentator on ITV's Formula One coverage. But as a journalist, he's pretty darn good, actually. I recommend his blog http://www.jamesallenonf1.com/ and he's a good addition to yer Twitter feed - http://twitter.com/Jamesallenonf1. His blog's got everything you need to know about the McLaren lying-to-the-stewards scandal.
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Mika Häkkinen and Kimi Räikkonen are both going to be taking part in the Arctic Rally of Lapland, a snow rally (as the name suggests) in Finland which takes place in a fortnight's time.

Kimi's codriver will be the experienced Kaj Lindström, former codriver to Tommi Mäkinen. The car will be a Fiat Abarth Punto S2000.
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Following the FIA stewards' decision to change the result of the Belgian grand prix, I was having a hollow little chuckle yesterday that ho ho ho ha ha ha, remember that the people who run motorsport are the sort of idiots who think that Sébastien Loeb's haircut is within their remit (see previous post here. Well, turns out one of the three stewards who decided that Lewis Hamilton should be given a 25 second penalty was the self same Surinder Thatthi who had the problem with Seb's personal appearance in the first place.

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You're having a laugh.
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Hey there everyone. This is kind of a ragbag, because I don't have anything of any great import or interest to say, but at the same time I feel the compulsion to tell my bugger-all to THE INTERNET!

1) Made aubergine and courgette (zucchini) beer-batter fritters for dinner on Saturday, with tzatziki. Very very good, as ever, didn't make as much mess with the batter as I usually do.

2) What do herbs and delay pedal have in common? You can have too much of either; too much herb in a dish or too much delay pedal in a track. And yet, add more and more and more; use the herb like it was a vegetable or a salad leaf, go hogwild with layers and layers of delay pedal; and you can end up with something very pleasant. For example, one of my favourite starters is panir-o-sabzi, Iranian cheese with herbs. You get a little slab of Iranian cheese, and gurt big bunches of mint, tarragon, spring onions and radishes. You wouldn't use that much tarragon in a dish for eight people. But for one, as a salad leaf, it's just right. Same thing with bunches of methi and dhania in a stew. Use loads!

3) I feel really guilty for being slightly mean about Jari-Matti Latvala prior to Rallye Deutschland (that "sweepstake" comment I made last week). He had a complete nightmare, and he was just in tiny little bits on the Saturday and Sunday, and the poor boy does not need people sitting at home and making snide comments. He still needs to change a few things about his preparation, but I think at this point one should be encouraging rather than mean about it.

4) I feel really stupid about 3) above, but I felt I ought to say it anyway. I feel one should be in for a penny in for a pound with this "being a fan" thing. Or maybe not?

5) If y'all ever want me to post about Serious Shit Happening In The World, I, like, will, but I don't know how much good it'll do you to read it. There are better and more informed minds than mine out there. I have an always-simmering rant about the fetishisation of the countryside, but a) you can probably guess what it would be and b) it would probably enmire us all in a long and ill-tempered discussion of where privilege lies in the debate. So, best not to bother, I think.

6) Bit of a mare for Kimi Räikkönen, wasn't it?

7) Leicester have won two, drawn one so far. I guess we've found our level.
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Ford world rally team principal Malcolm Wilson has said he would definitely give Kimi Räikkönen a test drive, as and when Kimi decides to give up Formula One and have a go at rallying.

Sébastien Loeb also thinks that the idea of Kimi in a rally car is a truly excellent one (same article). Like I said, nobody with Kimi's level of talent in a car is going to be rubbish; he would just need to get used to gravel and get used to driving from pacenotes (and making them in the first place). As long as he has an experienced codriver to start off with, he'll get used to it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, obviously this means very little - it only comes from the interview Kimi did a couple of weeks back with that German magazine, and now he's on the record as fancying a go at rallying, it's no-brains journalism just to ask a few rally team bosses (especially the boss of the team with a record of employing Finns) if they'd give him the time of day. And really, Malcolm Wilson is hardly likely to say he wouldn't give him the time of day. But still! It could happen!
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The short version: Loeb won, Kovalainen won, South Africa won, Michael Vaughan resigned.

The REALLY long version (contains sickening scenes of hero worship, and video footage of a small yellow car on its side at about a hundred mph): Read more... )
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So, according to a German interview I just looked at, Kimi Räikkönen is thinking about maybe going into rally driving after finishing in F1 (which could be as early as after next season).

This would, in my opinion, be BLOODY EXCELLENT.

Kimi! Come over to the rally side! Have a go on the gravel!

Even if he never gets to be top standard on the loose surfaces, even if he only does some Finnish national events and the odd run in PWRC, nobody with that level of racing talent is going to be rubbish. Ahh, I am stupidly excited by this prospect.


Jul. 5th, 2008 02:01 pm
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Well done Heikki!

Bloody brilliant.


Jun. 21st, 2008 06:28 pm
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The bastards. The bastards!
It wasn't his fault, I was watching. What happened iirc is that Heikki was himself impeded by Kazuki Nakajima and both cars were in the way of Mark Webber. Heikki was trying to get out of the way. I looked at it and thought "with Heikki's luck, the buggers will give him the penalty" and they bloody have, the buggers.

I am... oh, really cross.
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A poor day for my fantasy F1 league points, but a good day for my fantasy football league points.

Lukas Podolski!
*clap**clap* *clap**clap**clap*
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All sport all on at the same time, makes it difficult even with Sky+.

A run through of the day so far:
Hungover. Cup of tea. Breakfast (sausage, bacon, egg, mushroom, tomato, toast). More tea. Hang washing out. Cricket (By heck Vettori is very good at the moment. And if you just stand there and waft your bat you will get out. Buggering hell.) Short walk in the teeth of a gale. Monaco Grand Prix (very exciting, bad luck for poor Heikki on the grid especially given how ridiculously fast he was in the later stages, Adrian Sutil must be inconsolable, well done Lewis). Follow cricket via online text commentary. Nice work from Monty Panesar. BMW PGA golf at Wentworth. Short nap. Wake up to see Miguel Angel Jimenez win the tournament on a playoff. And now another short walk before dinner I think.
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