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Finns, snow, and OMGPONIES. In the first instance, the Finnish Eurovision entry by Kuunkuiskaajat, otherwise known as Johanna and Susan from Värttinä. In the second instance, the delightfully humorous trailer for Finnish Formula One coverage on MTV3Max, featuring the fictionalised winter training of "the world's fastest Heikki".
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The paid account fairy visited me, too!

I am going to add a bunch more userpics (I can finally, if I so wish, set up a whole lot of userpics, a mood theme if you will, based around my favourite rally driver... I already have "about to cry", "giggling" and "celebrating" and I have pics that will do for "listening intently", "trying to be good", "confused" and "mild despair".)

I am going to post polls!

I am going to post a whole lot more!

And I am NOT going to angst dreadfully about what a terrible person I must be for it to take someone else putting her hand in her pocket for me to use this damn thing, surely I should have done it already by myself.
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He's back, back, BACK!

Jari-Matti Latvala is back to winning form. Latvala and codriver Miikka Antilla have won the 2009 Rally Italia Sardegna, putting an end to a run of bad luck, mistakes and crashes. Since lunchtime on Sunday I have been a very happy rally fan indeed.
read about it if you like )
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I'll admit I didn't rate James Allen as a commentator on ITV's Formula One coverage. But as a journalist, he's pretty darn good, actually. I recommend his blog http://www.jamesallenonf1.com/ and he's a good addition to yer Twitter feed - http://twitter.com/Jamesallenonf1. His blog's got everything you need to know about the McLaren lying-to-the-stewards scandal.
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Marcus Grönholm really is back this time. Just for one event. Well, just one event for now, at least.
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There is an app that allows me to buy and use Ordnance Survey maps on my GPS enabled phone.

This is so excellent!
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Mika Häkkinen and Kimi Räikkonen are both going to be taking part in the Arctic Rally of Lapland, a snow rally (as the name suggests) in Finland which takes place in a fortnight's time.

Kimi's codriver will be the experienced Kaj Lindström, former codriver to Tommi Mäkinen. The car will be a Fiat Abarth Punto S2000.
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Have just seen the best thing. Two blokes doing the Dakar* in a chip van. Not an ordinary chip van, but a Toyota LandCruiser converted to have a fryer in the back. They are competing in this thing, driving the day and then making and serving chips in the evening. Excellent!

*the Dakar endurance rally-raid. Not from Paris to Dakar this year, but through Argentina and Chile.
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OK, I am still sad and angry about the future of democracy in my country.

BUT... Right now I am cheering, running a few victory laps of the house, and cracking open a beer.

BECAUSE... if French motorsport news blog autosportinfo is correct, then MARCUS GRÖNHOLM IS BACK, BACK BACK!

for eight, 8, kahdeksan, count em, EIGHT rounds of next year's 12 round championship. Not just the rally of Norway. EIGHT, that must be almost all the gravel and snow rounds. With Subaru - as a third car I guess or in the Subaru Adapta M2 team, I dunno.

Well if he's in a third car for the main Subaru team, there's mud in the eye of anyone who wanted in. Guy Wilks? enh. Brice Tirabassi ffs? Pah!


With Timo by his side, bien sûr.

pleeeeeease let this be true.
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Heh, got me email about Anderson being afraid of his own hair read out.
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Some things are going right in the world.

Danny Baker is back on 606, on Tuesdays.


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