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Twitter is down! Oh no!

How can I tell Bumble and the world that Eeyore should join Aggers and Boycott for lunch, especially if the restaurant does not serve thistles?

How can I RT @neilcole's reminder to read his new blog post about Rally Finland here (yes it's in the Mirror, but ignore that, it's worth the read)

How can I let y'all know that I am listening to bluegrass, and it's either pork chop or stuffed zucchini for dinner? It seems wrong to post here about such trivia. I do much less second-guessing on Twitter. Here, there is always a reason not to post.
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I like lady clothes and lipsticks and toenail polish and much of that palaver.

But I still tend to have blokey fashion inspirations. I like to wear shirts and cardigans. I realise that what I'm aiming for is kind of encapsulated by Pep Guardiola.

Maybe I see women's styles and have the wish to emulate them, but don't notice it or consciously bookmark it.
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Don't buy weird shoes cheap in the sales. Buy shoes cheap in the sales, sure, but only if they're classic and wearable, or if you TOTALLY love them, not just kind of love them. Otherwise you end up with about five pairs of shoes that aren't much worn, but are out of fashion enough to be not very ebayable.

This helpful hint brought to you by Square Toes! Square Toes for Pete's sake!
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I think we may have gone through some kind of wormhole...


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