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I think it is worth underlining just how excited I am about Kimi Räikkönen's participation in this weekend's Rally Finland. Through the trees and over the jumps, with one of the world's best codrivers (Kaj Lindstrom) shouting at him the whole way through. Kaj is very impressed with Kimi's skills, and thinks they could do quite well. I think we'll have to wait and see how he does with the jumps and blind crests. There are a hell of a lot of them, and the drivers have to get them all right - get the line and speed spot on and be on the gas at the exact right moment or they'll end up in the ditch, up a tree, or with broken suspension.

Here is a photo of his Kiminess with Dave TV presenter (and general good egg) Neil Cole, post interview this morning. Interview will be on the WRC programme on Dave at 6 this Sunday.

Kimi is well up for it and I think it's looking more and more like he will come right over to the rally side. I bet Heikki is sulking awfully about the fact that Kimi is allowed to go rallying and he isn't.

In other Rally Finland news, Jari-Matti Latvala has promised to try very hard to be good. Or, on second reading, has said that he thinks he may be capable of being good. Which isn't the same thing. Quite sweet that he was surprised to be allowed to keep his job. I wonder, would someone less sweet-natured and adorable have gotten the boot? Seriously, it may have been a factor (I doubt the claims that he pays to drive. I do think that not wanting to lose him to another team was a factor in Papa Wilson's decision to keep him on for next year, though).

I shall be following the rally and the Edgbaston test throughout the weekend, with one browser window for wrc.com and one for cricinfo.com. Shame Birmingham is underwater today, so no play possible (thus far, but I bloody doubt the pitch will dry out by five-ish or whenever). It'll probably be a draw, but who knows.

EDITED TO ADD LINK TO SHORT Q&A ON wrc.com and also to say, well, play is going to start at Edgbaston at five after all. We have to try to take advantage of any chink in the Australian armour, and we must absolutely not be tempted into any kind of overconfidence. It'll still be a bloody draw, though.
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The sunblock/lipgloss that Stuart Broad is wearing is making him look very pretty. The bowling's a bit tedious, or rather, the pitch is making it a dull old drag.

Saying that, Swann's just got one!

These bloody referrals, taking so long to confirm the obvious.
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So, Sir Allen Stanford is a wrongun, eh? You don't surprise me.

I bet all and sundry are regretting getting into bed with him. Sir Vivian Richards, the WICB and the ECB to name but three. Sir Viv must be as bitter as aloes right now.

Have the various boards and the West Indian players who won their million dollars each, actually seen the money?
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Bill Frindall has died. Age of 69, from Legionnaires Disease.

Will be very sadly missed.
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Well now. Kevin Pietersen resigned, Peter Moores gone too.

We really have got ourselves in a right mess, haven't we?
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Well, bums. Could see that happening, to be honest.

Give India a target to reach, and they are probably the best in the world at setting themselves and reaching it. Especially on home ground.

A totally unrelated thing - the people in my local tax office are really helpful. I had a question about something on my self-assessment and they sorted me out straight away and were ever so nice as well. HMRC FTW.
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I have to say, if I had to get 387 runs to save my life, and I could choose anyone in the world to go out in the middle and make those runs; I would pick Virender Sehwag. He hits anything and hits it anywhere. Just beautiful to watch. The bat moves beautifully, the shots are picked with precision. Incredible.

Finally we got him out but oh my what an innings for the man.
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Blimey, David Beckham's going on loan to Milan. A Good Thing, I think.

Didn't India give Australia one hell of a beating at the weekend? I watched the highlights of the fourth day's play, and man, there was some bowling.
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What about Pádraig Harrington, eh?
Two majors on the bounce, first European to do that since the 1930s I think, or maybe ever.

He's suddenly become one of the best golfers in the world. Not just a European contender any more. It's that "knowing how to win" thing, I think. Once you've won something big, you know that you can do it, and the uncertainty is removed. What Pádraig has done in this year's Open and now in the US PGA tournament is to make sure that in the final two rounds he keeps on going steadily and carefully in order to keep in touch, to be always there or thereabouts up with the leaders - even if he's had a not so good round on the first couple of days. Far too often, European golfers in majors have a tendency to make a mistake and then lose their footing, instead of regrouping and carrying on - or instead of that, going too hard for maximum attack, which is how you end up in trouble. To watch the precision and self-control of Harrington as a golfer now is quite something. Reminds me of Nick Faldo.

Again, I'd have quite liked to see Sergio Garcia win it, but he made a mistake on the 16th that cost him. And you just can't begrudge Harrington winning like that with such a superb, precise, error-free round.

We just need another 90 odd runs to beat South Africa, all ten wickets remaining. Not bad. Keep on in there.
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The short version: Loeb won, Kovalainen won, South Africa won, Michael Vaughan resigned.

The REALLY long version (contains sickening scenes of hero worship, and video footage of a small yellow car on its side at about a hundred mph): Read more... )
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Come on chaps, new ball, let's get 'em out.
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Once again, two wickets justlikethat.

Michael Vaughan: TURMOIL.

Aggers and chums are saying that Vaughan probably didn't touch it, looking at Sky's Hotspot, and the snickometer is pending...
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Can we NOT get a WICKET?

We can turn ANYTHING into a draw. ANYTHING.

eta: at last! a wicket!
Still going to be a bloomin' draw, though
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Ladies and gentlemen, after a period Away, a period in which a lacklustre and confused Kevin Pietersen was to be heard mumbling some sub-"Lion King" bobbins about "the cycle of life" ... I am pleased to announce the return, in full health and vigour, of Kevin Pietersen's Immense Ego!

He has "invented a new shot", a reverse handed slog-sweep effort. Should it be outlawed, as it is a left handed shot against a field set for a right hander? No, saith the Kev, because "To be honest, if you're playing right-handed you shouldn't even have the ability to hit left-handers for six like I do, so no, it's not a problem".

Welcome home, Kevin Pietersen's Immense Ego. We've missed you.
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What a last half hour. I fear Petr Cech may never be the same again.

Started to fall asleep watching the US Open, saw Lee Westwood returning to his usual putting form (i.e. hopeless) to let Tiger back in it after Tiger's shocking first two holes. On waking I see there is a playoff.

There was some cricket in the middle of all that as well. I kind of feel sorry for the New Zealanders. Is it just me, or is KP acting as a kind of de facto captain?
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Well done the Jimmy Anderson, eh?
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What's happened to Paul Collingwood?


Jun. 5th, 2008 10:34 am
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NZ have won the toss and put us in to bat.
Let's see what's the crack with their all-new cheaty techno-trousers, then.

barmy army

May. 27th, 2008 10:52 am
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I must say, hats off to the Barmy Army trumpeter for playing Bon Jovi classic, "Living On A Prayer," yesterday when we were 147 with 147 to win.

Tootled away with the intro, everyone around knew what was coming and joined in with a hearty singalong of:
whoah, we're half way there...
whoah, living on a prayer...

very well done there.
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