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OK dudes, this is the thing.

I am getting really sick of feeling on the verge of an anxiety attack the whole time.
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All creativity is self-indulgent bullcrap.
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This is mainly to the UK based thirty-something (former) indie hipster kitty cats who may be reading.

Do you feel a small sense of "hm?", of "cognitive dissonance"* when I say that there is a good interview with PJ Harvey, in the Sun newspaper?

Prejudice. Always another little word that we need to have with ourselves.

*I use the scare quotes to prove to you, reader, that I know the phrase has become a cliché. It seems we must always be self-aware, knowing, and oh so desperate to prove it and show it.
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OK, so obviously Neil Lennon's 7 years with Celtic are much more important and define the man far more than his 4 years with Leicester; but I still feel a slap in the face that he's gone to Forest. FOREST.
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Some things, mainly related to the pointless and self-degrading practice of watching sport on the television. Neither in chronological order, nor in order of importance.

1. Robert Kubica got out of this with naught but a sprained ankle. (video on t'youtube - link)
2. Please give us more lbw decisions.
3. The Spanish sports papers and magazines are streets ahead of ours. I don't understand enough Spanish to make the most of this. I suck.
4. Cumbria County Council are blockheads.
5. Alistair Cook and Kakà are the same person.
6. Hot and sweaty, innit.
7. I need new trainers.
8. I'm into steak and asparagus at the moment.
9. I'm defensive. I figure I'll get flamed or mocked for every single thing on this list. It's all I can do to type it in and press the button. Why do you think I included "pointless and self-degrading" in the intro. Better I do it and save youse the trouble.
10. Yes, has been good Harmisons, can has treet (with apologies to Urs).
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I knew we'd lose as soon as the draw came out. The mojo belongs to Martin, not to us.
We played well. We "gave a good account of ourselves" as the cliché goes, leaving it right until the last minute of extra time before imploding at the back in classic Leicester fashion.

I felt faint after Henderson saved Gareth Barry's penalty. Bit my fingers sore for our last chance corners.

I am simply sad that we lost. Just sad. I'm proud of everyone for playing so well. That (apart from the defensive collapse at the end) is the way we should play - hard working, harrying, pushing forward, using width. We have to work hard because we're never going to be up to the eyeballs in skill. When a bit of skill comes along it's lovely and special. Once in a long while a truly classy player like Muzzy Izzet comes along, and we treasure them every minute that they're with us. Sometimes I wonder whether I took those years for granted. I kept myself aware all the time that it was a very special time to be a Leicester fan. And really, now is not so bad a time. We're starting to get into shape. Starting to put together performances like last nigh. I hope we keep on with it - I hope the manager says the right things to make it happen in the league.

waffling about the table )

Next time perhaps you'd better stop me before I start talking about the table.


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