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I have a "spilled coffee" theory of intentionality, harm and apology. You can probably guess what it might be from the name. Here it is.

I spilled coffee. I didn't mean to. Oops. There is coffee on your rug. Quick, get a cloth.

I am sorry that I spilled coffee on your rug. I will help to mop it up.

By apologising, I do not suggest that I intended to spill coffee on your rug. The fact that I did not intend to spill the coffee should not be used by me or anyone else to mitigate the fact that there is coffee soaking into the rug, or to make my apology into a weasel non-apology.

My not meaning to spill the coffee does not magically suck all the coffee out of the rug.

If you are annoyed that there is coffee soaking into the rug and it might leave a stain, I should not expect you to stop being annoyed just because I did not intend to spill the coffee. It's your rug. I realise that if I had actually deliberately upturned the mug and poured coffee onto your rug, you would be a damn sight more angry than you are right now. That's part of how I can tell that you don't think I did it on purpose.

OOPS I FORGOT THIS PART THIS IS KIND OF PART OF THE FIGURATIVE ANALOGY THING I'VE GOT GOING ON HERE OK *** If other people have been spilling coffee on your rug a lot lately and this is the third new rug you've bought this month, then that would be why you might be more annoyed than I was kind of expecting. ***

If I was careless or negligent, say I was dancing to hip hop with a full cup of coffee in my hand, or running through the room with my arms and legs flapping like a big clumsy oaf, or just plain not paying much attention to what I was doing; then it is rational to expect that I should be more careful* in order to prevent spillage.

And if you're OK about it, then I'm OK about it. It's your rug after all.

It wouldn't be cool for you to keep bringing it up later unless it was a pattern of behaviour of persistent preventable carelessness on my part. I'm not going to expect that you'll do that, though.

*if I am capable of moving with more care
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Is anyone else having problems with LJ in Opera 10 (or other versions of Opera)?
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So, the question you weren't supposed to ask. Have I ever taken an independent liking to any form of music without A MAN being involved?

The evidence is stacking up on one side of the balance.

I'm listening to the Feelies right now, simply because David Quantick said to on Twitter.

Maybe this is something I "should" have been listening to a long time ago. But when you get grey hairs and a lady-beard like mine, you're too old to worry about that kind of mocking, and the people you know are too old to dish it out.

Ever notice how I'm always free and easy on Twitter, and always prickly and self-undermining on here? There must be a reason for that.
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ETA something to make the opening sentence make any sense at all...
This leads on from what I put on facebook... "listening to some old Cure B sides."

The Upstairs Room is such a brilliant track, right at the top of the alley that I'm given to understand today's fashionable electronic pop acts try to explore. I feel all "aharr, take that (and partay), yer today's fashionable electronic pop acts" but to be honest that just situates me as the kind of thirtysomething/fortysomething narrow visioned snob who nobody likes (but most of us end up as*). Anyhow. Upstairs Room. Top tune. Worth a listen or five. Leave the negotiation of sociocultural identity to another time, let's, hmm?

Did I say all this before, a few weeks or months ago? Or did I just say the same things to someone IRL?

I've got another music beef, actually. In short, when they do country-inflected wistful songs these days, right, bands and that, especially tunes they use for ads, right? TOO BLOODY SLOW. TOO. SLOW. Read more... )
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OK, seems I may have spoke too soon about the F1 driver market. Räikkönen to McLaren is not the done deal that I had thought. On Sunday, team boss Martin Whitmarsh gave an interview that backed away from the rumours that he'd almost confirmed the previous week.

Read more... )
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Well, now that the worst kept secret in F1 is finally official and Fernando Alonso is confirmed at Ferrari for the next 3 years at least, the rest of the driver moves can start to slot into place.

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Sausages have lots of friends. These are some of the friends of the sausage (the English sausage, Cumberland, Westmorland, Lincolnshire etc).

Green bell pepper
brown sauce
brown toast
half baguette
Malbec (onion, green pepper and Malbec are very special friends of sausage)
redcurrant sauce
apple sauce
big mug of coffee
baked beans
cannelini beans
other beans
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I would not consider elective surgery to change my looks.

However, I think I would consider elective surgery to change my voice.

This isn't good.

I have a little excess cartilage inside my nose, which restricts airflow. If I had it removed, I would be able to breathe more easily through my nose. As an effect of that my vocal tone would improve*. It's that idea that is making me think (hypothetically) about it, more than the idea of ascending from the ranks of the mouthbreathers. This isn't good at all. It isn't any different from wanting a more acceptable body. One should put up with an ugly voice just as one puts up with an ugly face. Wishing to conform to a standard of aural beauty is not healthy.

*it seems more important to me to have a pleasant singing voice than a pleasant speaking voice - an unpleasant nasal whine suits the shit I fucking talk, but when one sings, one is giving voice to the words of another.

Of course, I could always shut the fuck up. Let's try that, shall we?
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Twitter is down! Oh no!

How can I tell Bumble and the world that Eeyore should join Aggers and Boycott for lunch, especially if the restaurant does not serve thistles?

How can I RT @neilcole's reminder to read his new blog post about Rally Finland here (yes it's in the Mirror, but ignore that, it's worth the read)

How can I let y'all know that I am listening to bluegrass, and it's either pork chop or stuffed zucchini for dinner? It seems wrong to post here about such trivia. I do much less second-guessing on Twitter. Here, there is always a reason not to post.
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I think it is worth underlining just how excited I am about Kimi Räikkönen's participation in this weekend's Rally Finland. Through the trees and over the jumps, with one of the world's best codrivers (Kaj Lindstrom) shouting at him the whole way through. Kaj is very impressed with Kimi's skills, and thinks they could do quite well. I think we'll have to wait and see how he does with the jumps and blind crests. There are a hell of a lot of them, and the drivers have to get them all right - get the line and speed spot on and be on the gas at the exact right moment or they'll end up in the ditch, up a tree, or with broken suspension.

Here is a photo of his Kiminess with Dave TV presenter (and general good egg) Neil Cole, post interview this morning. Interview will be on the WRC programme on Dave at 6 this Sunday.

Kimi is well up for it and I think it's looking more and more like he will come right over to the rally side. I bet Heikki is sulking awfully about the fact that Kimi is allowed to go rallying and he isn't.

In other Rally Finland news, Jari-Matti Latvala has promised to try very hard to be good. Or, on second reading, has said that he thinks he may be capable of being good. Which isn't the same thing. Quite sweet that he was surprised to be allowed to keep his job. I wonder, would someone less sweet-natured and adorable have gotten the boot? Seriously, it may have been a factor (I doubt the claims that he pays to drive. I do think that not wanting to lose him to another team was a factor in Papa Wilson's decision to keep him on for next year, though).

I shall be following the rally and the Edgbaston test throughout the weekend, with one browser window for wrc.com and one for cricinfo.com. Shame Birmingham is underwater today, so no play possible (thus far, but I bloody doubt the pitch will dry out by five-ish or whenever). It'll probably be a draw, but who knows.

EDITED TO ADD LINK TO SHORT Q&A ON wrc.com and also to say, well, play is going to start at Edgbaston at five after all. We have to try to take advantage of any chink in the Australian armour, and we must absolutely not be tempted into any kind of overconfidence. It'll still be a bloody draw, though.
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It's been rumoured for a while that Heikki Kovalainen won't be staying at McLaren next year. Mercedes-Benz Motorsport boss Norbert Haug has made it more and more apparent that he would prefer to see Nico Rosberg in the seat. The team have started to wonder whether Kovalainen would ever live up to his initial high promise.

As y'all know I'm a big fan of Heikki, and I would cite firstly his terrible bad luck* over the last two seasons, and secondly the fact that neither last year's "good" MP4-23 nor this year's "heap of shit" MP4-24 have suited his driving style as much as they could have.

Sources (heh) say that Rosberg is pretty much a cert for the second McLaren seat. I'm also reading now (from GPWeek editor Will Buxton on Twitter) that Heikki will be at Williams next year.

Heikki was fastest in the first of this morning's free practice sessions before the Hungarian Grand Prix, and second fastest behind (current...) team-mate Lewis Hamilton in the second session. Probably too little too late. Let's see what happens in the race tomorrow. It's nice to see that the new aerodynamic updates really have made a difference to the car (like, now it actually has any grip at all).

Ah well. Heigh ho. Maintain a sunny disposition.

Dunno if Williams is the right place for him though.

*I posit that there is only so much driving luck to go around in Finland, and far too many drivers to share it out between. It is very important that both Mikko Hirvonen and Jari-Matti Latvala get a rich, nourishing, sustaining helping of good luck for Neste Oil Rally Finland next week.
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Monkees bis - our retrospective has reached Season 2, and that's the opening credit sequence I remember most clearly.
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Some of you ladies and gentlehobbits like Torchwood, innit?

John Barrowman, star of said show (and many other prime-time tv entertainment things) is a rally fan, and got to have a go in a group N Subaru Impreza on the Sweet Lamb complex in mid Wales courtesy of Fifth Gear and Prodrive. He and Tiff Needell had a lot of fun; he was actually pretty good in the car but then went on to show what happens when confidence level > skill level*.

You might well have already seen this on Monday's Fifth Gear. If, like me, you didn't, then here am some youtube videos.

*these sorts of things can also happen when concentration level < required concentration level (hem hem hem. wonder who I might be referring to.)
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Right, who remembers reruns of the Monkees TV show being on TV in Britain at some time in the late 1970s / early 1980s?

I am NOT, that is ***NOT*** talking about the big ol' Monkees rerun that MTV did in 1986. I'm talking late 1970s / early 1980s. I remember the Monkees being on TV, and I would have been very young, like 4 years old, maybe 5 or 6 years old, most emphatically not 11 years old (besides, you could only get MTV on satellite TV, and nobody I knew had satellite until 87, and they were like WELL EARLY ADOPTERS INNIT.)

I've attempted to, y'know, Look This Up On The Internet, but the results have been a blanket of fail. So. Anyone remember when it was on?

I'm asking this because in our house we are having a Monkees retrospective (and I have to say it's bloomin' brilliant). It's brought back memories of seeing the show on TV when I was a very small child. I'm very familiar with the opening credits and a few of the shows themselves have seemed a little bit familiar. I would have been too young to really "get" the show the first time, but I do remember general impressions of japes, scooters, dressing up, that kind of Monkee malarkey.

Incidentally, my favourite Monkee is Michael Nesmith.
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Via [livejournal.com profile] winnowill2: Respond and rework; answer the questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your invention & add one more question of your own.meme below.. )
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Bloody hell, I annoy myself.

So, uh, if you were wondering, it isn't just you.
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Not cheering the resignation of Wacky Jacqui Smith yet.

a) It's not a cert, is it? oh, never mind me, everyone's reporting it now.
b) I fear another fryingpan/fire interchange. If there is anyone more incompetent and more pointlessly authoritarian than Jacqui Smith, then Gordon Brown will have their number on speed dial. That's a given.

Remember when Michael Howard was a lunatic? Ha!
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I like lady clothes and lipsticks and toenail polish and much of that palaver.

But I still tend to have blokey fashion inspirations. I like to wear shirts and cardigans. I realise that what I'm aiming for is kind of encapsulated by Pep Guardiola.

Maybe I see women's styles and have the wish to emulate them, but don't notice it or consciously bookmark it.
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Don't buy weird shoes cheap in the sales. Buy shoes cheap in the sales, sure, but only if they're classic and wearable, or if you TOTALLY love them, not just kind of love them. Otherwise you end up with about five pairs of shoes that aren't much worn, but are out of fashion enough to be not very ebayable.

This helpful hint brought to you by Square Toes! Square Toes for Pete's sake!
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I currently use and endorse Percol Colombia coffee. It are bluddy tasty, in a cafetière stylee.

I am also recommending the following classic tunes from various yesteryears.

Shimmer by the Throwing Muses
I've Just Seen A Face by the Dillards
There She Is by the Lovin' Spoonful
Hot Hot Hot!!! by the Cure.

I was interested to read Kaj Lindstrom's view on the Rally della Marca, and on further outings for himself and Mr Räikkönen. Turns out that Kimi's crash was due to a malfunctioning centre diff. And it's most likely he'll do more rallies this year. I'm not going to put two and two together and make five as far as next year goes. We'll know who's in what seat by the start of the season.
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